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Kerajinan Tembaga & Kuningan - Hammered Copper Brass handicraft

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Kerajinan Tembaga & Kuningan - Hammered Copper Brass handicraft
Kerajinan Tembaga & Kuningan - Hammered Copper Brass handicraft

Patung Tembaga Kuningan Garuda, Patung Buddha, Buddha Statue, Patung Pahlawan

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Specification:Copper Brass statue Arts & handicraft and sought coppery often used either as a garnish or indeed as a symbol. There are a thousand reasons why this material is made of copper are the options that this anti-corrosion of copper ( copper can also be said that it will survive eternal) , another reason is the natural of the copper provides a unique natural color, another reason is the material with copper or brass if has been used for many - years, the value of unique and antique goods are much higher. With the raw material of copper sheet and then supported by steel framework of the statue will create a strong, beautiful, and this antique.
The statue - the statue is made we can only way we respect the Hero or services that are religious statues such as Statue of Goddess of the Gods, such as statues of Hindu goddess Saraswati, or the Statue of Pandawa And Budha Statue. Many customers also from the government that we create a replica of a Garuda from either copper or brass. Order with the size or your own style, we will create it conveniently. Following is some picture and representative of crafting which our produce.
Price and size can according to your requirement, we are specialist to produce custom design product of copper,
just send your drawing, picture or model copper, brass or aluminium product to us.
If You require the catalogue and price list of copper brass aluminium crafting, please contact us.
Contact Us e-mail : iqbal@ suprametalcraft.com or alfaro1467@ yahoo.com
Thanks a lot

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Address:Tumang Krajan RT/RW 05/14, Cepogo
Boyolali 57362, Jawa Tengah
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